Borneo: The First Time Ever

I have been living in Indonesia for the whole of my life but it was really the very first time I stepped my feet in Borneo. It was in November 2014 when I went there for a business trip. The city I visited was Banjarmasin and most of my time there was spent on Barito River, observing vessels owned by my client.

It was really something to climb up and down vessels several times a day. I still remember that in the evening my arms were aches and so fatigue because I was not used to use my hands to lift my body (go on diet, Sera!) But overall, it was an unforgettable experience and I would like to do it at least once more during my career as an auditor.

2015-04-18 22.50.52
Let’s go, brrrmm..
2015-04-18 23.03.39
Colourful boats on a dirty river
2015-04-18 22.56.48
At least I felt safe because of these men
2015-04-18 22.51.38
Life on a vessel. There was a washing line in the back of the vessel.
2015-04-19 00.16.43
Climbing down the barge
2015-04-19 00.16.10
Two men collecting leftover coals. Sadly, the used no safety instruments at all.
2015-04-18 22.52.59
Pieces of coals
2015-04-18 22.53.43
Stained chains
2015-04-18 22.54.32
Posing in front of a barge
2015-04-18 22.52.15
In the stern of a vessel
2015-04-18 22.57.22
Big barge
2015-04-18 22.55.41
Heading home
2015-04-18 22.58.21
A morning in a small harbour
2015-04-18 22.56.12
Morning routine: washing clothes
2015-04-18 22.57.49
A jetty in Kelanis
2015-04-18 23.00.25
I was surprised that they had chickens on board
2015-04-18 23.00.51
Well, they also had a pigeon
2015-04-18 22.59.57
Sounding, checking the level of fuel
2015-04-18 22.59.06
No drying squids in the engine room!
2015-04-18 23.01.26
On a floating crane
2015-04-18 23.01.59
Going back and forth, all day


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