Social Media and Friendship

I heard about The New Yorker before but have never really read their articles or have taken a peek on their website until this morning. A friend of mine shared an article from TNY, which title is Can Envy be Good for You?, and I found myself reading it until the very last sentence. I am an accounting graduate but it is always be a pleasure for me to read a piece of writing in psychology. As you can guess, I ended up reading more articles by Maria Konnikova, whose work I mentioned earlier, and surprisingly I found an older writings of her that made me rethink about friendship and social media.

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For Millennials like me and most of my friends, social medias play a significant part in our lives. It is almost certain that every of us has an account on every social media platforms that you can think of. I have some but I am only actively involved on a few of them and on the rest I just become a silent reader. One of my close friend once asked me if it is necessary to have so many accounts on social media and I personally think it is not.

To some extent it is true that social media connects people but, more than often, the connections made are only artificial. We feel close to certain people because their postings are always made our news feed but no ‘real interactions’ are actually occurred. Yes we can poke, love and put thumbs up on someone’s postings, also give and reply comments but I think that it feels different with real life interactions where physical touch is possible and facial expression is clearly seen. I still believe that physical encounter is crucial in building and maintaining a relationship, including a friendship. Moreover, face-to-face interactions give more meaning to a relationship and lead to a deeper bonding.

These times I use social media platforms to connect with people I really like to have conversations with in real life. I am pretty selective on deciding who are and who would be on my friend lists. For example, colleagues are hardly on my Facebook unless they are really close to me. In addition, I never accept friend requests from total strangers even though they are mutual friends of mine. Therefore, I can be sure about whom I share the stories of my life with virtually. How about you, readers?


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