About the author


The girl behind the keyboards

foto1I am Seraphine Nathania, an Indonesian who has spent all of my life living in one of the most crowded place in the world (ehem.. Jakarta!) I studied Accounting and have been working in a public accounting firm since 2014. Half of my time in a day is dedicated to work and the rest is used to read good books, play silly games, chat with my crazy friends, pet my fat turtles, listen to my talkative mommy, and ponder about life. I also enjoy teaching, visiting new places and exploring the cultures, and learning new languages. I started learning French in late 2013 but now it is temporarily postponed because schedule clash with work. Beside French, I am interested in learning German and Russian. I am eager to continue my education, Master then PhD, abroad and eventually become an academia in the field of Corporate Governance (CG) or Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Glance about myself

A friend told me that I am rebellious at heart! It might be the reason of unlike typically Indonesians, who are used to talk in a high-context manner, I prefer to talk straightforwardly and thus sounds rude for some people (I warn you already!) I like to have a deep talk, discussions, and arguments with close friends about various topics I found on books I read or news I heard. I don’t see differences (in point of views or whatever it is) as obstacles to befriend because basically I am open to new ideas.

Reasons for blogging              

During my (occasional) idle at work, I browse the internet to save myself from lethal boredom. I always interested in stories of Indonesians diaspora. The first blog I found was a journal of an Indonesian living in the Netherlands, then followed by journals of Indonesians living in other parts of this world. Those blogs talk about many many things and I find them very informative! After a short period of pondering, I decided to make one for myself, and voilà, it is what you read at the moment! This blog is completely my personal thoughts on various topics based on my own experience and observations. You are free to comments as long as you express them in a polite and good manner.

Thank you and happy reading!


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