What Could be More Beautiful than These?

Taking pictures has been one of my favorite activities since several years ago. To be exact, I started taking pictures with a DSLR camera in 2011. Nowadays, for the reason of simplicity, sometimes I use my smart phone for taking pictures, as the images produced are nearly almost the same like a DSLR.

Lately, I really like taking pictures of flowers and insects. In this post, I am showing you some of my shots. Some of the pictures were taken using Canon 500D and the others were taken using Samsung Galaxy S5.

Please, enjoy the beauty!

2015-04-14 08.48.31
A tiny lonely bug
A fly on a leaf
A fly on a leaf
2015-04-14 08.49.54
A beautiful butterfly on a white flower
2015-04-14 08.49.20
A busy bee
2015-04-14 09.07.20
A brown butterfly on a yellow flower
2015-04-14 09.09.33
Psstt! Don’t disturb!
2015-04-14 09.08.06
Do you see me?
2015-04-14 09.10.21
Ants gathering
2015-04-14 16.26.06
A black ant
2015-04-14 09.03.55
Hey green, are you a spider?
2015-04-14 09.05.27
Tiny pink flowers
2015-04-14 08.54.16
The perfect white
2015-04-14 08.50.25
Beautiful twin
2015-04-18 22.50.13
Water drops on a purple flower
2015-04-14 09.06.33
Only two